Inventory Service

Here at Granite Lettings & Property Management we include a free photographic / video Inventory for all our managed properties. We also provide an Inventory Clerk service to all landlords that might not necessarily want us to manage their property.


At the start of each tenancy it is highly recommended that an accurate statement is made listing the contents and condition of the property, including its fixtures and fittings. This record is otherwise known as an inventory. This inventory then becomes a legally binding agreement once signed by the tenant and the landlord.

With introduction of the new government legislation and the various tenancy deposit schemes an inventory serves both the interest s of the tenant and landlord as it can help prevent any disputes over the return of the deposit at the end of the tenancy. Basically the more detailed the inventory the easier it becomes to resolve any discrepancies at the end of the tenancy. Without an Inventory the landlord stands little chance of claiming any reimbursement back from the tenant for damage.

Our inventories go into every detail; in addition to listing the basic items such as furniture and flooring we also include fixtures such as light fittings, carpets, curtains, doors, ceilings, walls, sockets, bathroom fixtures and heaters / radiators. The condition of each item / fixture, such as any defects, stains; chips and general cleanliness are clearly recorded.

If the property has a garden, this will also be included in the inventory, like the interior of the property the garden should be presented how the landlord expects to find the garden at the end of tenancy.

Video and photos are now a common method of supporting a well produced inventory; having the tenant initial each photo leaves no room for debate should any damage be caused.

Lofts and cellars and other areas that do not form part of the normal living area are usually only included in the inventory at the landlord’s request.


A professional inventory should also include photos of the utility meter readings and their serial numbers. Our photographic inventory includes a clear photo of the meter and serial number on the day a tenant moves in.


Every property should be presented in the best possible condition before the inventory takes place. A professional clean is highly recommended as they will clean areas some landlords / tenants would normally overlook. By presenting the property this way upon on move in and highlighting in the check in inventory, it leaves the tenant no room for complaint should a clean be required to bring the property back up to standard when they check out.


A property is a valuable asset. Negligence, accidents and deliberate damage will affect its value. A well produced inventory with photographs and video as support will massively reduce the impact.

Our inventory clerks produce extremely detailed inventories that resolve 99% of tenant and landlord disputes quickly and efficiently, resulting in speedy reimbursement and leaving you time to focus on the needs of your next tenant.

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