We understand moving can be a very stressful time for prospective tenants so we have put together a brief checklist to ensure you have all bases covered. This should ensure a smooth and hassle free transition into your new home.

Countdown to moving out

4 Weeks To Go

  • In most tenancy agreements it is a requirement to give you landlord / agent at least four weeks notice that you are moving it. So, If applicable ensure that this notice is given in writing on the correct date otherwise you may fall liable for extra rent days.
  • You may require a professional removal company to help you move your belongings. It’s usually a good idea to book this in advance. We have a dedicated removal company that can help with all aspects of your move, just ask a member of the team for a competitive quote.
  • It might be a good idea to sort through all your belongings and sell or give away any unwanted items!
  • Start collecting plenty of boxes because most removal companies charge for them , most will only take smaller items if they are boxed with furniture being the exception. Remember to start packing and label boxes clearly so you can easily locate any items you need urgently, especially your Identification and utility bills as you will normally have to provide these to your new agent / landlord to enable you to move into your new home.
  • If you are ordering furniture for your new home ensure you delay the delivery date until after you have moved in because agents / landlords will not allow you to move items into the property until after you have signed the tenancy agreement. This is for obvious insurance reasons.
  • Make a start on informing all current service providers of your change of address, the most important being your banks, credit cards etc but you must also not forget to inform your utility company, TV licence, DVLA etc. If you currently have a home telephone line or broadband it’s a very good idea to organise the switch over now as most telecommunication companies need one months notice.

3 Weeks To Go

  • Book a professional cleaner in advance for the last day of your tenancy. It is essential you leave the property in a clean and tidy condition to ensure the full return of your deposit. A professional cleaning company will tackle areas most areas that a majority of tenants don’t even think about!
  • It is highly recommended that you arrange contents insurance for your own personal belongings and we can provide information on this for you. One of the unique features of the insurance policy in addition to protecting your own personal belongings in the home it also protects your landlord’s contents against accidental damage (up to a maximum value of £2,500) thereby helping to protect YOUR deposit should you accidentally break anything that belongs to the landlord. For example glass/ ceramic hobs on cookers are a common breakable item during a tenancy which can then cost the tenant hundreds to replace. Ask a member of the team for further information
  • Start taking down any fitted items that are coming with you (e.g. shelving and pictures etc). If you are moving out of a rented property then you should make sure any holes or marks left on walls / doors etc are filled in and touched up. This will ensure your deposit is returned in full.
  • Start using up any frozen food and buy small supplies until you move.

2 Weeks To Go

  • Time to cancel any ongoing subscriptions or deliveries such of newspapers, milk etc.
  • Touch base with your new agent / landlord and ensure they have everything required and confirm that all referencing has gone through without any glitches. Nothing worse than being told a day before you move that you have problems and must provide further documentation!
  • Touch base with your old landlord / agent and ensure there is nothing further they require you to do. At this stage it is also a good idea to check their process on returning your deposit just to ensure a speedy return.

1 Week To Go

  • If necessary, defrost and clean the fridge and freezer so it is ready for the move.
  • Pack a box of personal items that will be needed immediately at your new home (e.g. light bulbs, toiletries, kettle etc).
  • Contact your removal company to confirm their arrival time and notify them of any last minute details.